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I've always wanted to own one, and will probably get around to it some day. When I do, I'll use the shopping guide which I set up (and haven't updated in years).

What am I talking about? Take a look.

International Human Powered Vehicles Assocation - Covers all human powered vehicles (land, air, water), especially recumbents.
Recumbent Bicycle and Human Powerd Vehicle (HPV) Information Center
Mark Matarella's excellent recumbent web pages.
The HPV Movement
The National Bicycle Greenway's web pages on recumbents.
Recumbent Cyclist News
Web page for RCN, the US recumbent magazine.
People Movers
A bike shop in California with strong participation in online recumbent-related activities.
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        "Regular Bike" Links
Massachusetts Cycling Advocacy and resources.
This is my favorite site for cycling news.
Lance Armstrong
It's a great web site, well-organized, with useful links.
Harris Cyclery, Sheldon Brown's cycling web site.
A great glossary, and a collection of articles on repair, and MORE! (Scroll down to the yellow box of topics.)
Cyberider Cycling
A huge non-commercial site dedicated to cycling, with loads of info, including archives of cycling newsgroups and mailing lists.
Cyber Cyclery
An online commercial collection of cycling resources, including lots of vendors and advertisements and such.
Bike Nashbar
My normal mail order house.
They have an excellent Buyer's Guide, and (seemingly) unbiased opinions of products and vendors.
One of the best cycling rags, on-line.
Tour de France
It is THE (snooty snobby elitist arrogant) event in the cycling world (yes, France is the perfect place for it). This site claims "live" coverage. The site seems to be "dead". Okay, it's alive again.
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
They organize lots of rides, including TOSRV.
Ohio Bicycle Federation
Ohio's version of MassBike

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