Zachary Fine Susskind
born February 9, 2001 at 9:21 PM,
8 lb. 7.5 oz
at the Cambridge Birth Center,
Cambridge, MA. USA

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July 2003, Zachary is 29 months old (almost 2 1/2 !):
That's a BIG Stick!
With cousin Yuval
Sleeping with Sock Monkey
These were taken at Davis Farmlands:
Hat close-up
Hungry Goat
Sprinkler Car
Standing on Sprinkler
Hugging Sloane
Jenna helping wash hands

May 2003, Zachary is 2.25 years (27 months) old taken by Zachary's parents:
A chocolate cookie--the best of both worlds !
On the beach, Rockport, MA.
Swimming and kicking
Climbing in the blue Playground

January 2003, Zachary is ALMOST TWO!! (23 months old) taken by Larry Fine in Cambridge:
We both have our hands UP!
Daddy is amused when I wear Mr. Potatohead's glasses
Two sides of Zachary

December 2002, Zachary is 22 months old:

These pix were taken by Jason Ortega at the DEAS Holiday Party (Zachary's Mommy's job).
Run away and hide the cookie!
With Gloria and Mommy.
With Joanne and Mommy, Bob, Lisa, and Louie are in the background.

These pix were taken by Marylin and Ari Klickstein at their house:
Drum Duet with Ari
Look! A Stick !
Two Hands Four Sticks
Mommy has Granny Glasses

September 2002, Zachary is 19 months old, Grandma and Grandpa's visit to Cambridge, taken by Larry Fine:
Early Leaves
Sitting on Blocks
Big Shoes to Fill
Cream Cheese Mustache

May 2002, Zachary is 1.25 yr.s old (15 months old) Zachary's Ohio Visit, taken by Larry Fine:
Where's your ear?
Eating a frito
Look at the flower
Want a ball, or two?
Throw Daddy the ball!
Climbing, with cousin Grace
With Aunt Ann and Grandma
On Daddy's Shoulders
On Mommy's Shoulders

February 2002, Zachary is One Year ! taken by Larry Fine:
Apple Eater
Show Us Your Teeth!
Grandma Reading to Z
with Pat the Bunny
Tunnel Vision
Sun in Their Hair
Leans on Daddy

November 2001, Zachary is 9 months old taken by Larry Fine:
Staring Contest
The Black Socks Scandal
Flying Baby
Standing with Help from Daddy
Bathing Beauty

September 2001, Zachary is 8 months old
Zachary's Saba (grandfather), Jakub Susskind, passed away suddenly on October 1, these were taken 3 days earlier:
Proud grandfather
Big hug
Zachary about to sneeze
Entertaining Zachary
Playing on the floor

July 2001, Zachary is 5 months old taken by Larry Fine:
Zachary with his Uncle Don

May 2001, Zachary is 3 months old taken by Larry Fine:
Zachary in his overalls
Zachary looking cute
Zachary raising his eyebrows
Tom, Sara, and Zachary looking "stylin' with his shades

April 2001, Zachary is 2 months old taken by Hillel Dershowitz:
Zachary and his parents
Zachary flying above Sara
Zachary and Tom
Zachary in Hillel's lap (Hillel didn't take this one)

March 2001, Zachary is 6 weeks old
at Claudia's childbirth class reunion -- taken by Heidi Miracle-McMahill:
Zachary (first one on the left) with Madeline Rose, Madison, Ishani, and Miller.
Zachary on the far left hand side doing kung fu with his hands.
at Claudia's childbirth class reunion -- taken by Matt O'Connell:
Sara holding Zachary, talking to Claudia

February 2001, Zachary is one week old taken by Larry Fine:
Zachary at 1 week old

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