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2009 TD Bank Mayor's Cup Criterium

An evening Criterium in downtown Boston (around Government Center) is great, but doesn't make for the best photography. But I still managed to get one or two nice shots, and a few more that are adequate. Also visit my YouTube page for video from the last few laps.

Sea of Helmets
Local Heros
Local Heros Again
And They're Off

Sunny Corner
Matt Mainer
Ted King

Toby Marzot
Tyler Wren
William Dugan
Barrows and Marzot

Marzot and King
Karl Menzies
Andrew Guptill

Mountain Khakis Rider
Mountain Khakis Again
Wamsley and King
Bobby Lea

Shawn Milne
Wamsley and Lea
Motion Blur

Winning Break
Eric Schildge
Winning Break Again
Shawn Milne

Ted King After the Race
Ted King
Ted King
Ted King

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