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I'm regularly annoyed with the mass-media, because they continue to perpetuate a couple of myths. One is that Microsoft is a great innovator, and that is why we should accept the monopoly, because without it, we wouldn't have such great innovation. I'd go on about innovation for hours, but I think Boycott Microsoft does a great job at refuting this on their Hall of Innovation web page.

But the implication that most of us are going to be happier with a monopoly is also very disturbing to me. At every reporting of this story, it seems there's comments about how much we have to lose if Microsoft were broken up, and that most people don't really want that. I want to give people the opportunity to express the viewpoint that Microsoft should be broken up, which is why I've produced these images.

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These animations were produced by drawing into a Tcl/Tk canvas with my own drawing program (too immature for public release). Tcl/Tk was then used to animate the objects, and each frame was dumped from the screen to a gif, and then shrunk with ppmscale to provide small smooth images. Whirlgif was then used to combine them into an animation.

The drawing of the logo and of the gavel are based on images from Microsoft's main web page. I think that's particularly appropriate, don't you?

The text ("Break up Microsoft" and "Take the OS away from Microsoft") was created using Ghostview, and a Helvetica-BoldOblique font, dumped to a gif, etc.

I retain all rights on these images. Permission is granted to redistribute in whole, as long as the GIF comment field is maintained intact (this is an internally stored description which some image viewers will display). Permission is also granted to redistribute in part, provided that my name (Thomas A. Fine) is included as a contributer.

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