Children's Museum Field Trip, April 2008

These pictures are from the first grade field trip to the Children's Museum as part of the unit on balls and ramps.
We had a grand time!

We had Free Play Time before and after our Balls-and-Ramps Activity

GabrielZacSwinging_5746.jpg GabrielZacSwinging_5744.jpg Leah_5639.jpg
Gabriel_5762.jpg Naftali_5789.jpg NoahGolfBall_5635.jpg

We listened intently as the Museum Educator Explained our Project

ReenaNoa_5668.jpg AsherAnd_5674.jpg RaiziAnd_5652.jpg
ZacAnd_5676.jpg TalAnd_5646.jpg Ronit_5645.jpg MoriahRaiziMartha_5724.jpg

We Constructed fast and slow Chutes for the marbles to go in

LeahNoa_5711.jpg YaelNoaLeah_5715.jpg ReenaAsher_5741.jpg ReenaAsher_5742.jpg
TaliTalya_5737.jpg TaliTalya_5738.jpg Naftali_5735.jpg
MylesTalyaGabriel_5721.jpg ZacAnd_5709.jpg ZacAnd_5698.jpg

We Explained how we solved the problems

MoriahExplains_5731.jpg NoahExplains_5728.jpg TaniAnd_5648.jpg

What's for LUNCH !?


So Choked Up about leaving the museum


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