Higgins Armory, May 2009

Higgins Armory Visit, May 2009

We went to The Higgins Armory in Worcester Mass, which has an amazing collection of Armor.
There were also demos of historical combat.
The people research how they actually moved with their swords in the middle ages -- not just the structure of their equipment.
They explain all this in the demos. It was v. cool.

The inside of the museum looks like a castle -- the exterior doesn't (the first picture below is the exterior):

Their collection is amazing -- they even had a model DOG with armor !

There is a table full of helmets that anyone can try on . . .

. . . as long as you can actually get them on your head!

The combat demos were fun to shoot -- with a camera!

Zachary got a quickie lesson on how to hold all the different swords correctly:

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